Structured Settlements

Structured settlements are optional methods for receiving compensation in wrongful death or personal injury cases. Structures allow plaintiffs to have confidence in their financial future despite economic uncertainties by giving the plaintiff a smart alternative when settling a case. A portion of their settlement is paid out in future tax-free periodic installments, rather than a single lump sum. Structure settlements offer a limitless number of payment options to fit the plaintiff’s specific needs. Payments can be equal installments or installments can vary over time. Payments can also begin immediately or can be deferred to a specific time. Ultimately, payments are designed to give the plaintiff unlimited freedom to tailor a plan that will yield a secure financial future.

Damages from personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits have traditionally been compensated to the plaintiff in a single lump-sum settlement. Plaintiffs and their families are not always equipped with the proper financial tools to skillfully manage a settlement that is designed to last them a lifetime.  Therefore, Congress passed The Periodic Payment Settlement Act in the 1980’s, which alleviated the financial burden of a lump sum settlement and provided plaintiffs with long-term financial security through the use of structured settlements. Despite a volatile economy or unforeseen fiscal challenges arising, plaintiffs are provided with the proper financial tools to wisely evaluate their current circumstances and plan for their future. Settlements allow plaintiffs the opportunity to finance a child’s education, plan for retirement, provide assistance in estate planning, invest responsibly, or live on a fixed income.

"Structured settlements are a proven way to ensure that families of accident victims live with dignity and economic independence"

American Association of People with Disabilities


  • 100% federal and state tax-free payments including interest earned
  • Guaranteed rate of return
  • Customized planning to meet the plaintiffs needs for future expenses
  • Guaranteed future payments
  • Lifetime payment options available to secure financial stability
  • Provide for future costs of college funds, retirement, down payment on a home or mortgage payment
  • Minimal risk – Structured settlements are placed with the most financially secure life insurance companies in the world
  • No hidden fees or reoccurring management expenses
  • Benefits minors to provide flexible payment structures to plan for educational expenses and future adulthood
  • Guaranteed long-term income for victims recovery without spending time, money and resources
  • Preservation of government benefits like Medicare & Medicaid
  • Protection against divorce, creditors and other third parties